Meet Dr. Anjali Bhimrajka – creative genius behind the brand. Anjali exudes an air of quiet luxury; one that is reflected in her eclectic designs. She may have started her eponymous label eight years ago but has nurtured her love for jewellery ever since she was a child. As a girl of 12, she'd often help her maternal grandmother, the matriarch of Raipur's affluent Rai Sahab family, organise their ancestral jewellery collection. If not, she'd sketch one of those vintage pieces and interpret them differently. An inspiration that now manifests whenever she's creating designs for her clients.

An all-rounder in every aspect, Anjali holds a Ph.D. degree and her work with the International Convention of Alternative Medicine has received several accolades. Furthermore, she also holds a second-degree black belt in martial arts. But despite these achievements, her desire to explore her creativity through the craft of jewellery-making led her to graduate from GIA - the Gemological Institute of America. Thereby, allowing her to eventually evolve into the most sought-after designers of bespoke jewellery.